Trance journey

During this special transcendental journey, I take you, through my powerful and healing drum, to a place deep within yourself.
Through the rhythmic sound of the drum and my voice you enter into a deep relaxation from which the connection with yourself can arise. You fall into a trance, which is also experienced as a waking dream. You may move between your different layers of consciousness.
So you stay present with what you feel, see or hear and ignore what you “know” or understand. A transcendent journey helps give you insight, healing and strength and therefore has a deep, healing effect.

During this transcendental journey, beautiful insights are gained and questions are answered. After all, all the answers lie within you. For that reason it is also called a soul journey.

Prior to the trance journey, we first discuss why you are coming and what you are encountering. We then decide together what we will focus on in the journey and the intention is set.

For good contact with the earth, you lie fully clothed on a mattress on the floor during the trance journey, covered warmly with a blanket. Afterwards we discuss together how you experienced the trance journey and conclude it together.



🕑 ± 120 min