Reincarnation session

Reincarnation or regression session is a special session in which I guide you to another/previous life while talking.

During this session you are in a different state of being (natural, light trance state) where you gain access to information stored in your subconscious. Yet you also remain very aware of the present as we move through the other life together while talking.

In this session you will gain insight into unhealed events from another life which can then be healed in this life and in this session. In addition, this session can provide insight into which powers/gifts you have from other lives that can be applied in this life. Any physical complaints in this life may have their origins in another life. In fact, your “previous” lives determine the themes and experiences in this life in order to heal them, learn from them and grow on a soul level.

We start this reincarnation session with a short conversation in which I explain how the session works.
We also discuss which themes play a role in your life

During the session you lie comfortably on a mattress on the floor, warmly covered with a blanket. I will sit next to you to lovingly guide and support you in this session.

After the session, we will discuss how you experienced the session and conclude it together.



🕑 ± 120 min