How the warm water healed me.

From an early age I have experienced water as very exciting. School swimming as a little girl was very unpleasant for me, especially the long underwater swim where I was pushed under with a hook. With pain and effort I managed to obtain my A-diploma, but water has always remained a theme in my life. I found sitting on slides scary and being pushed under caused complete panic and shortness of breath. Then, as a young girl, a stepmother came into my life who regularly pushed my head under the water. I didn’t know at the time why all this happened to me.

The moment I decided to do my Rebirthing Breathwork and Warm Water Rebirthing training, I already felt afraid of the warm water bath. Deep down I knew I had drowned once. Where else did all those bad experiences with water in this life come from? Why was I getting all these triggers? Something had to be healed on a deeper level.

When the moment came and I stepped into the warm water, all the memories came flooding back. I was allowed to return to my other life in Atlantis. I was a 12 year old girl and had a happy and beautiful life with my parents and brother. My parents knew that disaster (the flood) was coming, but they did not tell me to protect me. And then the water came which became the downfall of Atlantis. I was thrown back to the drowning, back to the cold water, it was dark and I was all alone. I was very scared!

Then I returned to the womb during the session. I had seen and felt that I had felt unsafe there as a baby, but I never understood why. I thought it was because my mother had smoked during pregnancy, but this turned out to be different. I spent 9 months in the belly in the water, which reminded me all the time of the drowning of life of Atlantis. Then I saw my mother. She left when I was 3 years old and hardly cared for me during my first years of life, but now I became aware that in this life she had taken on the role of carrying me in her womb for 9 months. That’s all she had to do for me in this life, just carry me. And I was very grateful to her for that in the session and felt a lot of love for her. She had done exactly what she had to do for me in this life.

After going through these parts, I felt complete peace in the water. I was allowed to turn on my back and then make the most beautiful journey towards the light. How grateful I felt, grateful for my mother, grateful for life and grateful for the light.

In the subsequent sessions in the water I was allowed to discover my powers of life in Atlantis. As a girl in that life, I spent a lot of time at the sea and communicated underwater with the animals and the sea gods. I spoke there with my healing light language. It was made clear to me that I could live again in the warmth, the light and by the sea and that I was now ready to guide other people in their healing process in the sacred warm water.

After these special sessions my fear of the water was healed and I finally dared to go snorkeling in the sea. I was able to enjoy the beautiful water again!