Breathwork circle

In this beautiful breathwork circle we will make a powerful, but also gentle and healing journey through your breathing and live music. By doing breathwork in groups we strengthen each other with our energies.

This breathing session or rebirthing breathwork helps you to permanently let go of negative experiences (traumas), obstructive life patterns and beliefs that are stored in your cells / system (subconscious). Memories, blockages and toxins are given the space to be released, allowing inner peace, harmony and joy to return to your life.

Just like in the 1 on 1 breathing session, we also work purposfully in the breathing circle. We will discuss your intention for the session together, after which I will guide you in breathing using my drum.

During the session you will lie comfortably on a mattress on the floor, warmly covered with a blanket. I will lovingly support you during the session.

Afterwards there is a nice sharing with tea and treats to share the experiences.

Contra indications for a breathing session are: heart problems, high blood pressure, serious mental illness, epilepsy and glaucoma. If in doubt, always contact us.

The breathwork circle can be booked on request for groups of max. 5 participants.