About us

After being born and raised in the Netherlands with the name Karen, having my energetic and shamanic practice there for years and experiencing enormous spiritual growth and development, it was time for the next step.
Or better said: time for a new beginning!

Through visions I was invited to the beautiful island of Ibiza and I started my new adventure there. I felt a deep connection with the island. The higher vibration frequency, the light, the warmth, the beautiful nature, Ibiza turned out to be a soul desire and therefore a homecoming for me. I have been guided by trust and complete surrender to realize my dream and mission.

And now my dream has been realized: Healing Centre Chiwanka. A beautiful place, a sacred place where I, in my role as a shaman, lightworker and spaceholder can serve the greater whole through Light and Love. A place where you too can come home.

Be welcome to our tribe!

Forever grateful.
Eagle Eye

My name is Josha, I am Karen’s son. I went to the beautiful island of Ibiza, because I felt that I could make better use of my qualities here than in the Netherlands.

I believe that we have so much within us and the intention is to discover our gifts and develop them further.

My specialty is to empower people and lift them up again, I do this in combination with personal training and life coaching.

Motivating, stimulating and transforming is what I do with people. Think outside the box and look at your opportunities.

How big would you dream, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Josha Prins


I am Peggy Konings and a grateful team member of Chiwanka. The caregiver and controller in the background, but also Karen’s friend for 30 years.

I live in the Netherlands with my husband and two daughters and I work as a personal assistant at various organizations. Keeping everything in order administratively and organizationally is my strength. And I lovingly use that at Chiwanka, so that the team can do what they are good at. Namely creating a safe environment and guiding people on their unique path of development and growth.

Love, Peggy